»… Oh my little bird what have you done?
Fell in love with Mr. Setting Sun
So beautiful you made the sky alone
Then it disappeared left you alone

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This is my fourth Bethyl video ^_^

I wanted to use some slow music and voice overs, but… I don’t know, maybe I chose the wrong song (no, really, I like this one a lot ^^), but this time it was pretty hard for me to make the video. Frankly speaking I just couldn’t resist the lyrics, like if this song was written specially for Beth ;)

So I still hope that you’ll like the video ^_^

P.S.: I suspect that this is only one of the manifestations of Bethyl deficiency. I need TWD as soon as possible T_T

SHOW/MOVIE: The Walking Dead
Lisa Miskovsky - Little Bird

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PLS watch my last video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRlUePhb-Wo

“They are not Romeo and Juliet, they are not the Montagues or the Capulets, and they didn’t live in the Middle Ages Verona. They are just Franz and Polina, German SS soldier and Belarusian country girl, and they lived at the middle of the most terrifying war of all times in the place that was meant to be destroyed”

»… I never meant to fall for you but I
Was buried underneath and
All that I could see was white
My salvation
My, my

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Recently I was watching “Franz + Полина” (once again, maybe in a thousand time again) and decided to make a video about them. Frankly speaking this is my the most favorite film ever! And the biggest ship I’ve ever had!;) And this is the only film that makes me cry every single time I’m watching it!

"For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo." Sorry, but If you think so, that means you’ve never watched “Franz + Polina”! ^_^ Because this story will tear your heart apart, that’s I can guarantee T_T

So let me tell you about this movie a little ^_^
Franz + Polina" is a 2006 Russian romantic drama film set in 1943 in occupied Byelorussia. It tells the story of Franz, an SS soldier, and Polina, a Byelorussian girl whose village is massacred. "Franz + Polina" is based on a real story that was represented by Ales’ Adamovich (the writer, historian, and politician) in a short novel "The Mute”. Yet the film plot differs from the original story. For example the end of the original is not that sad and gives you hope for the better.

Plot: A German SS unit is billeted in a small village. Franz stays together with an older sergeant in the home of Polina’s mother. Polina’s father and brother are with the partisans in the surrounding forests. Her mother takes good care of all inhabitants like mothers do with love and compassion. Good that she can’t understand the older sergeant’s prejudices. The Nazis settled as friendly sympathizers in an effort to gain the confidence of the villagers while they await the order burn the villages to the ground and kill the inhabitants. Everything seems very peaceful at first, until the order arrives. And that was the time for Franz to choose between duty and love…

There are two things I like the most about this movie except the beautiful heartbreaking love story and amazing actors. The first one, this story shows us another side of war, shows us that not all people from the fascist army went to war on their own will, that not all of them were bad, not all of them wanted that war. It’s very important, because usually modern movies show us only one side: one is good - another one is bad. But that’s just impossible. The second one, the story tells us one simple truth that the biggest evil of this world is WAR, because it can turn even an innocent child into the murderer full of hatred. And the most horrible thing is that you can’t hate him or blame him for that, because he is the victim himself.

So sad that I can’t express all my love to this film, to this story!T_T I chose this song because wanted to show how much important they become for each other, how they became each other’s salvation.
I hope, you’ll like the video ^_^ You really should watch it! That’s worth it! :)

You can find this film with English subtitles in the internet or at the Amazon site.
Warning: The translation from German into English is not mine, It’s from the DVD. But translation from  Russian was corrected by me. A little ;)

SHOW/MOVIE: Franz + Polina
MUSIC: Gabrielle Aplin — Salvation

A Minute Of Politics…

Frankly speaking, I hate politics! Because it’s a one big pile of shit. But today I opened my Twitter page and saw that my faworite writer Jeaniene Frost retwitted this thing: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/04/17/jews-ordered-to-register-in-east-ukraine/7816951/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&dlvrit=206567

And I was just like:


It made me SO angry! And now I just can’t ignore that.

So, everything I want to say: That’s not true! This is just another provocation with a purpose to create a conflict, and this printing is an obvious fake. If you don’t belive then read the official statement on the site of the Jewish Community of Donetsk: http://www.jewish.donetsk.ua/stat.php?topic=news&page=0&id=3704

And the most important thing, Stepan Bandera and his people were not fighters for Ukrainian independence, they were just sick murderers of thousands Russian, Ukranian(!!), Polish and jewish(!!) people! They created more than 135 ways of killing innocent people! Just one fact: autumn of 1943, Bandera’s people killed dozens of Polish children in the village Lozovaja and then “decorated” the trunk of each tree with their corpses.


It’s really sad that only a very little amount of people in the West knows the history of the Warld War II especially at the territory of the former USSR.

Yes, I’m living in Russia, but I’m Ukranian by nationality and all my relatives are living in Ukraine as well as my friends. Cherkassy, Donetsk, Odessa, Kherson, Kiev… they afraid of speaking in Russian, the language they were speaking all their lives! Because now the country is ruled by people who follow Bendera’s ways, who proclaimed him a national hero. And frankly speaking it’s hard to imagine that any self-respecting jewish man could really support it. Don’t believe everything they speak or write about the situation in Ukraine. It’s a common thing right now in Europe and USA. Another nonsense, created to discredit people who is fighting for their rights in the east of Ukraine. Try to think with your own brain, that’s all that is needed.

Yep, that was a scream of my soul :) Especially because today Ukrainian government have banned Russian people from entering the country (male - from 16 to 60, female - from 20 to 35). And if this politics will be continued then it means that I will have to wait 12 YEARS (!!!) to see my relatives! My granny is 72! I can’t guarantee that I’ll be alive after 12 years, so what can I say about her?!



So, sorry again for my poor English… Just leave me here to cry in sorrow T_T

P.S.: I’m still loving Janine and her works, but extremely painful to know that people (and especially she) believe such articles…

»… You are the sun, You are the moon
And I’ll never let you down…«

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This is my third Bethyl video :)

I don’t really know why I chose exactly this song… Maybe because I can see Beth as a bright shining sun for the Daryl, while he represents the moon with his slight glow in the dark sky of his past ^_^

Frankly speaking I just can’t get over the finale of the season 4. Not enough TWD for me! I want some more!T_T

So… leave me here in tears of sorrow and watch the video. I hope, you’ll like it ^_^

SHOW/MOVIE: The Walking Dead
MUSIC: Black Lab – Sun And Moon

The Final Episode of the 4th season of “The Walking Dead”

*spoilers ahead*


I think I can die right now! My feels are about to explode!


Ok, first af all I should say that it was 5 AM in Russia but I just couldn’t sleep! Not now when my babies are in danger, cause you know… the season finale… somebody was going to die…


It started from the flashback with Hershel, and my heart skipped a beat… I miss him so much!


So… everything was fine, I was happy to watch some adorable Richonne and Carl… and then that assholes showed their f*cking faces! And then Daryl (Oh my God) “my great redneck love” f*cking Dixon came from the dark to tell that pieces of shit to beat him instead of his friends!


My poor baby Carl!T_T No, no, no, HUGE F*CKING NO!! Take your f*cking hands off my baby you stupid piece of crap!


Nooooo! Stop touching him!!


And then papa Rick just f*cking ripped Joe’s throat apart with his teeth! And eviscerated that pervert like a f*cking samurai! HARAKIRI MOTHERF*CKER!


You’re such a badass baby! Well done! You are not a monster! You are just a good father! That asshole deserved what he got!


And that scene with Rick and Daryl’s conversation… About Beth and others…

"You’re my brother"

"She’s just gone”  

Oh, God! *ugly sobbing* LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE! T__T


My poor Bethyl heart! He’s sooo upset! He’s suffering! He’s just… Oh, my baby boy, come here! Let me hug you!


Let me hug ALL OF YOU!! I love you so much my precious babies!

And after that they went to that creepy Terminus. I knew that was something wrong with that place! It’s f*cking zombie apocalypse, where could you find such huge pieces of flesh meat?

Wow! Stop it! Glenn’s backpack? Hershel’s watch?! Maggie’s Daryl’s poncho?!! WTF?! Don’t tell me they’re already dead! They can’t be already eaten by these freaking freaks!


And then they run, shout, shoot and run again… Oh, no! That cannibals are trying to catch them! It’s a trap! Noooo!!

And… wait! This is suspicious! Why did they show us so many Beth in that flashbacks? What if she’s dead and they’re gonna see her head as that was written in all that foilers?


Aaaand finally! They were catched but (Oh, My God!!) reunited with the group! Hallelujah! They are all still alive! All of them! Even Gleggie, cause I’ve thought that one or both of them will die! But they are alive!


And noboby dies this season! I’m so f*cking happy!!! T_T


You’re so right Rick! They’ll pay for what they’ve done to all of you!

And even despite the fact that we still don’t know where Beth is I love the finale! That was scary, stressful but still amazing!


And, you know, I can live with that more than half an year. I will look forward for season 5 even more to find out what is going to happen with my babies next. And I’m pretty sure that this is only the beginning of Beth’s story! And I’m definitely sure that Bethyl is a real thing! Don’t even try to dissuade me! My shipper’s heart is stronger than anything in this world!


Sorry for the f*cking huge ammount of abusive language, that’s not me that’s my feels. Sometimes they make me blush XD

And yep, my English is still poor. It’s not treatable unfortunately…

So now I’m gonna try to sleep though I don’t think I can manage to do it now =_= 

Gonna make another Bethyl video… for sure!^_^


»… Well love comes and goes before you know it,
Just like a fire, she’ll leave you helpless,
She lifts you up and lets you down,
The love comes and goes away…«

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Ok, so this is my second Bethyl video ^_^
This time I wanted to make something more harsh and manly, like Daryl himself ;) Especially after the last episode T_T It broke my heart! And now, waiting and anticipating the last episode of the season I just can’t keep calm cause I’m sooo freaking out!
Don’t kill my babies!T_T Not Beth, no Daryl (though I think he’s safe), no Maggie or Glenn! But… I feel like if they keep Beth alive then they’ll ruin Gleggie, because one couple is already enough for this show (I really hate this!)

Oh, please, kill my emotions or they will eat me alive! Damn!
Too many feels, I’m sorry ;_; 

I hope, you’ll like the video ^_^

SHOW/MOVIE: The Walking Dead
MUSIC: Default — Comes And Goes

»… No you don’t mean nothing at all to me,
But you got what it takes to set me free.
Oh, you could mean everything to me…«

Watch in HD! [1080p]

How can I express all my love to this show? Every episode is like a little gift for my poor heart and at the same time is a huge damage for my soul and mental health XD
Yep, I admit it, I’m obsessed ^_~  And now I’m obsessed even more cause now I have another huge ship and my feels are trying to kill me!

I should say that Daryl was always one of my favorite characters on this show, and of course I wanted him to be happy. He is so broken deep inside, and a little happiness is all I wanted for him before screenwriters won’t try to kill him.
I imagined some girl, pretty young woman, who can be some kind of opposite to him. Open, sincere, innocent, may be a little weak in body but not the soul. Someone who could support him in difficult times, and someone who could become for him a sense of existence…, someone he would have to protect. BUT I never thought than this girl is already in this show!XD I always liked Beth, but now, when she grew up and became a strong woman, I like her even more. And now this ship is killing me with their chemistry and cuteness! Oh God, I can’t handle it anymore! Give me that! Let this ship to set sail! T_T

But TWD is so unpredictable! I only hope Daryl will find her safe and sound. Don’t make them suffer again! This season was enough cruel for Greene’ family. And Daryl deserves a little happiness.

Yep, I’m talking too much even despite of my poor English. Sorry for that ;) So this is my first ever TWD video. I hope, you’ll like it ^_^

SHOW/MOVIE: The Walking Dead
MUSIC: Angus & Julia Stone — Say It Right