Nooo!!! BOB!! T_T NO!!!


WHY?! Why him? I only started to love him! He’s so sweet!T_T


Gareth!! You piece of shit! I want him to die! Right now! 


I think I lost my appetite for my entire life…


But, wait! I thought that Bob was bitten! Then it means that all of them have eaten infected … meat. But Gareth now is a regular, so he’s not supposed to die… Or maybe he’s a regular only for the first half of the season? And he’ll be slowly dying even without knowing it? I really hope so =_=


But Bob… T_T I don’t want him to suffer! Especially this way! This is too horrible!T_T


Soo… I quit. This episode really disappointed me. Can’t even write anything right now. This shit is even worth than death of Oberyn in the “Game of Thrones”


Oh, yes, I’ve forgot: Daryl was a f*cking cutie while chasing that car ^_^ image

But this moment was so roughly spoiled! >_<


The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returns tomorrow!!!



But, actually, not tomorrow… Because I live in Russia and I have to wait till early morning of Monday.


But, It’s ok. It’s absolutely worth it!♡


The END…

Today was a wonderful day. I was happy without a reason and then I’ve suddenly decided to go and check the latest chapter of “Naruto” manga. I opened the “Naruto” site page and… This is what I suddenly saw:

"After 15 years: Naruto manga will end next month."




It can’t be true!


Only 5 chapters left?! Are you kidding me?!


I really hope that it’s not true… though it seems to be the official information.

I can’t even imagine HOW Kishi can possibly end this f*king long story like that! I thought that “Naruto VS Sasuke” will last at least two or three months, like it used to be with another characters.

I know what you did here. Not cool Kishi, not cool!


And what about the other characters? He created too many of them to leave them with just a small epilogue… Please! Give them at least the epilogue!

And now I’m so dissapointed that I even want him to kill Naruto and Sasuke… BOTH of them!>_<


But… really… I don’t want them to die T_T Naruto has to become Hokage with a smart and strong wife (Yep, I mean Sakura). When Sasuke has to leave a village for some time and then, years later, to revive the Uchiha clan by giving a life to the new heirs of the clan (Karin, baby, you have to let him do this XD).

O’k, I have to stop right here XD Don’t want to start this stupid “ship war” ~_~ But, honestly, I’ve always thought that Kishi created her character specially for Sasuke. Besides, she is Uzumaki… how symbolic ^_~


But now I have to go and cry a little T_T 15 years… can’t believe it! And still it was too unexpected!

So… Sorry for my poor English. All I want to say right now:


Too many feels right now…

Forever Most Favorite OTP!♡_♡

Love them since high school. I’ve decided to watch “Türkisch für Anfänger” once again. So many feels!T_T It’s been 6 years since I’ve watched it last time. Nostalgia~

(Source: amyyrdnfld)

»…Take me away from time and season
Far, far away we’ll sing with reason
Prepare our throne of stars above me
As the world once known will leave me

Take me away upon a plateau
Far, far away from fears and shadow
Strengthen my heart in times of sorrow
Light the way to bright tomorrows…«

Watch in HD! [1080p]

I’ve just finished watching “Da Vinci’s Demons” and all I can say is that it’s definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever watched!  After amazing “Spartacus” series and the first season of the “Black Sails” I should have known that if I want to see something really interesting, stunningly bright, beautiful and brutal then I should watch something of STARZ’s production. That’s why I ask myself why I’ve started to watch it just now ^_^

What can I say? This series totally stole my heart ~  And if you haven’t watched it yet then don’t waste your time and do it now! It’s totally worth it!

So… When I heard this song I’ve immediately thought about “Da Vinci’s Demons”. Don’t know why, but I’ve got really strong inspiration, so I couldn’t resist and made a video ;)  And this time I’ve decided not to use too many colouring effects, because this show is already colourful and bright enough. Didn’t want to spoil it ^^

And yes, I’ve fell in love… again XD Can’t help it. Zoroaster, my love, you’re too damn perfect!T_T

I hope you’ll like the video.  And sorry for my poor English once again ;)

SHOW/MOVIE: Da Vinci’s Demons
MUSIC: Globus - Take Me Away

Meet my new and unexpected crush!♡_♡

Zoroaster, my love!

I love everything about him. Even his hairy chest, big nose and filthy mouth. Somehow he’s just perfect to me (*≧∀≦*)

I think I need to stop watching “Da Vinci’s Demons” =_=

It’s already dangerous *lol*

»…It ain’t like the movies
Why can’t you see?
Love is up and down
And as long as we keep on moving
We’ll figure it out…«

Watch in HD! [1080p]

I haven’t watched any Asian drama for a pretty long time, but then (and I don’t even know why, maybe that was just a fate XD) I’ve decided to take a look at first episodes of the two new Korean series. And one of them was “Marriage Not Dating” with Yeon Woo Jin (I like him since the “Arang” story). And surprisingly I just fell for this drama! I prefer not to watch ongoing Asian dramas but I just can’t help myself, because this one is too damn amazing! ~

All the cast is just perfectly suited to their characters, and the main ones are so magnificent that I can’t even express it with the words! I really hope that this drama will remain this amazingly perfect till the very end ^_~

And yes, I fell for Yeon Woo Jin once again. He’s just too damn perfect, I can’t handle it! T_T

I really recommend everyone to watch this show, even if you’ve never watched any Asian drama before, because it’s totally worth it! ^_~

I hope, you’ll like the video (even despite that YT spoiled the quality >_<).  And sorry for my poor English once again ;)

SHOW/MOVIE: Marriage, Not Dating
MUSIC: J. Sean – Worth It All