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Love them since high school. I’ve decided to watch “Türkisch für Anfänger” once again. So many feels!T_T It’s been 6 years since I’ve watched it last time. Nostalgia~

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»…Take me away from time and season
Far, far away we’ll sing with reason
Prepare our throne of stars above me
As the world once known will leave me

Take me away upon a plateau
Far, far away from fears and shadow
Strengthen my heart in times of sorrow
Light the way to bright tomorrows…«

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I’ve just finished watching “Da Vinci’s Demons” and all I can say is that it’s definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever watched!  After amazing “Spartacus” series and the first season of the “Black Sails” I should have known that if I want to see something really interesting, stunningly bright, beautiful and brutal then I should watch something of STARZ’s production. That’s why I ask myself why I’ve started to watch it just now ^_^

What can I say? This series totally stole my heart ~  And if you haven’t watched it yet then don’t waste your time and do it now! It’s totally worth it!

So… When I heard this song I’ve immediately thought about “Da Vinci’s Demons”. Don’t know why, but I’ve got really strong inspiration, so I couldn’t resist and made a video ;)  And this time I’ve decided not to use too many colouring effects, because this show is already colourful and bright enough. Didn’t want to spoil it ^^

And yes, I’ve fell in love… again XD Can’t help it. Zoroaster, my love, you’re too damn perfect!T_T

I hope you’ll like the video.  And sorry for my poor English once again ;)

SHOW/MOVIE: Da Vinci’s Demons
MUSIC: Globus - Take Me Away

Meet my new and unexpected crush!♡_♡

Zoroaster, my love!

I love everything about him. Even his hairy chest, big nose and filthy mouth. Somehow he’s just perfect to me (*≧∀≦*)

I think I need to stop watching “Da Vinci’s Demons” =_=

It’s already dangerous *lol*

»…It ain’t like the movies
Why can’t you see?
Love is up and down
And as long as we keep on moving
We’ll figure it out…«

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I haven’t watched any Asian drama for a pretty long time, but then (and I don’t even know why, maybe that was just a fate XD) I’ve decided to take a look at first episodes of the two new Korean series. And one of them was “Marriage Not Dating” with Yeon Woo Jin (I like him since the “Arang” story). And surprisingly I just fell for this drama! I prefer not to watch ongoing Asian dramas but I just can’t help myself, because this one is too damn amazing! ~

All the cast is just perfectly suited to their characters, and the main ones are so magnificent that I can’t even express it with the words! I really hope that this drama will remain this amazingly perfect till the very end ^_~

And yes, I fell for Yeon Woo Jin once again. He’s just too damn perfect, I can’t handle it! T_T

I really recommend everyone to watch this show, even if you’ve never watched any Asian drama before, because it’s totally worth it! ^_~

I hope, you’ll like the video (even despite that YT spoiled the quality >_<).  And sorry for my poor English once again ;)

SHOW/MOVIE: Marriage, Not Dating
MUSIC: J. Sean – Worth It All

Sorry, I had to re-upload the video because the previous one had a really quiet sound. I’ve read all the comments and really appreciate every nice word ^_^ Thank you.

And yes, Carly, Logan Lerman does have the most beautiful eyes ;)

It usually takes some time for me to write comments in english because I’m pretty bad in it, so I was pretty sorry to delete the previous video, especially knowing that these comments will be deleted as well.

I’m so irritatingly sensitive sometimes =_=

»…The night wafted heavy clouds away
But days are full of bitter gloom
We are parting, it’s only for the better
If we stay together, we’ll never work our way out of the dark.

Let everyone look for their path on their own
Mine will be a hundred times longer.
But I don’t blame the devil or god
I’ll have to pay all the dues myself.

I used to love and hate
But my soul is empty now.
Everything vanished without a trace
And the shard of ice in my chest knows no pain…«

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Few days ago I’ve finally decided to watch “Noah”. Finally, because my older sister (she went for the premiere) highly recommended me to watch it long time ago. With tears in her eyes she told me about a sad story of the middle son’s love and loss. But… unlike her I’ve read the Bible and knew that all Noah’s sons have already had their wives. Frankly speaking I prefer not to watch modern movies about war (they have no sense, only special effects), movies based on classic literature (like new “Anna Karenina” or European version of “War and Peace”. It’s the shame, that’s all), and especially the ones that have close connection with the Bible (I’m an Orthodox Christian and I can be really offended by disrespect to the primary source).

But… surprisingly, but I liked it!^^ I’ve decided not to think about the connection of this story with the biblical source and to perceive it as just a feature film. And I’ve just fell in love with Ham! Just as my sister XD He is sooo sweet *_* And his story with Na’el… I didn’t cry, but I was shocked by her terrible death. Poor girl :(

BTW I’ve decided to watch this movie exactly because of Madison Davenport who is playing here Na’el and also my beloved Kate Fuller in “From Dusk Till Dawn” series ^_^

So after I fell in love with Ham and maybe even with a Logan Lerman too *lol* I felt a strong need in making video about this boy. And when I thought about the song for it, I’ve remembered a beautiful sad song of Russian heavy metal band “Aria” called “The Shard Of Ice”. And as long as Russian is not the language that everybody knows, I’ve used a beautiful cover of this song played by “Symfomania”. But the translation of the song you can still read in the description of the video.

Interesting fact: The name “Ham”, which in English sounds very tasty, in Russian sounds like [hʌm] and means a real cad, a man who behaves very dishonorably, rude and impertinently. And this word with this definition is a direct heir of Noah’s son name.

And yep, I still hope, you’ll like the video ^_^

MUSIC: Symfomania – The Shard Of Ice (cover Aria)

Video from the scene with English subtitles [+18]

July 12th. Residential sector of suburbs of Donetsk has been bombed by Ukrainian army from GRAD Rocket Launchers. As a result upwards of 30 civilians have died.